General Question

We have around 50 members divided over 3 teams: Men 1 (competition), Men 2 (practice only) and Women 1 (competition).

We expect from you to pay our membership fee as well as a UMSports membership. You are also expected to do table tasks/refereeing a few times a year and we expect you at the general member meetings.

Not necessarily, however, in the past years there has been a lot of interest, and thus we could let everybody join, in this case people with experience more experience are more likely to get a spot.

At the beginning of the season (in September) there will be tryouts held. Here will our coaches see what team is best for you.

Yes, if you’re going on exchange you can still play as long as you’re in Maastricht. Please notify your coach to this fact, since he’s in charge of the teams.

We practice twice a week. See our schedule under Teams.

Our Men 1 play in the 2nd Divisie. Our Women 1 play in 2nd Klasse.

Our games are played on the week-ends, mostly on Sundays. We have both home and away games. The travel time for away games depends on the level of competition.


Yes of course! We are organising multiple parties and social events throughout the year.

No, there is not. We do however have a Rookies party, to give you a proper introduction to the Knights!


This depends on what type of membership you need. All the information is under Joining Knights.

Yes! In addition to the Knights membership you will need to purchase a “Sports” or “All-in-one” UMSports membership. Failing to have this will result in a fine from UMSports, which you have to pay. With this membership you’re also allowed in the free-plays organised by UMSports.

Yes! Both for men and women it is possible to only join our practices without playing competition on the week-ends. Our Men 2 team is practice-only.



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